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Did you know that betting can be very lucrative when done right? At Tuko Tips we are helping thousands punters turn a small amount of stake into a fortune. Everyday we will provide you with 1 - 3 100% safe multi bets which you can comfortably stake KES 10,000 or $ 100.

We use relevant statistics and trends to determine our Daily 1 - 3 Accurate Football Tips.

Our Daily Football Tips are between 2.00 and 3.00 European style odds.




Date Teams Tip Odd FT
2019-12-18 Heart of Midlothian - Celtic Celtic Win & Over 1.5 1.44 0:1
2019-12-18 Benfica - Sporting Braga Benfica Win 1.46 2:1
2019-12-11 PSG - Galatasaray PSG Win & Over 2.5 1.43 5:0
2019-12-11 Club Brugge - Real Madrid Real Madrid Win 2.25 1:3
2019-12-10 Benfica - Zenit St. Petersburg Either Benfica or Zenit Win 1.31 3:0
2019-12-10 Leeds - Hull Leeds Win & Over 1.5 1.57 2:0
2019-12-10 Chelsea - Lille Chelsea Win & Over 2.5 1.59 2:1
2019-12-10 Borussia Dortmund - Slavia Prague Borussia Dortmund Win & Over 2.5 1.68 2:1
2019-12-09 Meppen - Preussen Munster Meppen Win 1.73 3:1
2019-12-09 Stuttgart - Nuremberg Stuttgart Win 1.62 3:1
2019-12-08 Marseille - Bordeaux Marseille Win 1.65 3:1
2019-12-08 Aston Villa - Leicester Leicester Win 1.68 1:4
2019-12-07 Bournemouth - Liverpool Liverpool Win & Over 1.5 1.54 0:3
2019-12-07 Manchester City - Manchester United Over 2.5 Goals 1.53 1:2
2019-12-05 Cagliari - Sampdoria Either Cagliari or Sampdoria Win 1.30 2:1



Primarily, 1X2 was the original form of betting before betting companies advanced the field and introduced more markets to betting. Consequently, Tuko Tips has taken it upon itself to provide timely 1X2 predictions to our customers on a daily basis. Such predictions may vary due to the frequency at which our system updates them based on new developments.

  1. 1 – used to represent a win for the Home Team
  2. 2 – used to represent a win for the Away Team
  3. X – used to represent a draw at the end of a game, hence, implying that upon completion of the 90 minutes allowed no team managed a win

Additionally, Tuko Tips offers more options to the 1X2 tip whereby we combine two possibilities in a game and call it DOUBLE CHANCES. Such combinations are a prediction that the game can end as illustrated below;.

  1. 1X – Suggests that the game can either end with the home team winning (1) or end as a draw (X)
  2. X2 – Suggests that the game can either be won by the away team (2) or end with no win, thus, a draw (X)
  3. 12 – Suggests that one of the two groups either the home or away team will win the game, therefore there is no provision for a draw in this tip


Over or Under goals prediction tip is majorly based on the total number of goals scored generally at the end of a given game. Odd makers evaluate the possibility of the entire match containing an absolute maximum and a minimum number of goals before deciding an odd. Therefore, to decipher this, customers should envision how a game will end and select either Over or Under the set limits by the Odd makers.

How to play and bet using goals over or under prediction tip

Goals over or under prediction market are the simplest among all other markets. The player is required to predict the number of goals to be scored in a game based on the set limit by choosing under or over that limit. Ideally, it can be after the first half (45 minutes) or at the end of the 90 minutes. The policy does not apply upon on extra time, that is, after the 90 minutes. Our scope of analyses covers the over-under goal prediction tip ranging from 0.5 goals to 3.5 goals. We illustrate the ranges as follow;

  1. Under 0.5 or Over 0.5 – Suggests that the game can either end with at least one goal or more than one goal
  2. Under 1.5 or Over 1.5 – Suggests that the game can either end with at least two goals or more than two goals
  3. Under 2.5 or Over 2.5 – Suggests that the game can either end with at least three goals or more than three goals
  4. Under 3.5 or Over 3.5 – Suggests that the game can either end with at least four goals or more than four goals


As the name suggests, Both Teams to Score Prediction tip is entirely tied to goals. It is considered the most popular prediction market among customers because it is easy and straightforward to comprehend. It requires that for a win to be achieved the two competing teams need to both scores at least one goal regardless of the final result. For instance, it does not matter which team wins the game at the end of the game, results might be 6-1, or 1-6 but the customer will have won the bet since both sides scored.

Advantage of Using Both Teams to Score Tip.

The Both Team to Score tip has by far been described as the ‘Saviour' in that, the introduction of this market in betting has allowed players to have still hope of cashing in even when their favorite team is losing. For instance, in a game between Manchester United vs. Liverpool, the results at half time could be 4-0 respectively. A clear indication that Liverpool has lost the match, however, despite the customer being a Liverpool fan, he/she has a hope of winning his/her bet because what he/she relies on is Liverpool scoring what can be called a consolation goal. In such an event, he/she wins the bet.


In this category our professional team of expert tipsters will put together 2 – 3 matches with odds of 1.35 – 1.74 which when multiplied gives you an average of 2 Odds. Here our 2+ Odds Daily predictions cover all betting markets which include 1X2, Over/Under, Both Teams to Score and many more football markets.

The advantage of using 2+ Odds Daily Tips strategy is that you can easily double your earnings with just one bet.


As the name suggests, this is a tip with only 1 match. In this tip we are a looking for 2 teams where by one team scores a lot of goals or the other team concedes a lot of goals. The possibilities are often large; Over 1.5 goals for the home or away team, Over 2.5 goals or even more.

In this category our team of expert tipsters at Tuko Tips will prepare for you about 2 – 5 daily super single tips with odds starting from 1.75 and reaching as much as 3.00. The concept of this kind of betting is earning quickly a capital by making more risky bets.

Generally this is the most preferred method of betting due to the fact that after a couple of consecutive wins your capital rises significantly. And in case of eventual loss of one game, the win of the other will compensate partially the financial disadvantage, so that with the remaining bankroll you’ll still have the possibility for future wins.


An accumulator tip is also referred to as an ‘ACCA’. An Accumulator Bet is a bet in which several selections are combined, and the odds multiplied to calculate a potential pay out. There is no limit to the number of selections you can make, but you need all of them to win in order to cash out.

The main advantage an accumulator bet is that you can turn a very small amount of money into a huge amount in just a day. This is why football accumulators are so popular, if you only have Ksh.500 investment capital for the week you can place a couple of Ksh100 accumulators with the hope of one (or even both!) of them winning and returning big sums of money. Accumulator Tips are fun and good value for money when capitalized correctly.

Everyday our team professional tipsters will provide you with 1 accumulator tip containing 10+ Odds Daily to 50+ Odds Daily.