On this page Tuko Tips gives you the opportunity to enjoy free bets from a wide of various bookmakers from across the world.

Free bets give you the chance to bet on any sporting event without spending any of your real money. However with free bets you can only utilize them once because most of the time they come with ‘First Time’ tag, which simply means you have to be a new customer in order to get the free bets.

More often than not, free bets open up the mind of an average punter to see how many chances are out there simply because one has no fear of losing their real money.

In order to make the best out of free bets, Tuko Tips recommends:

Check what different bookmakers offer in terms of free bets.
Look at the terms and conditions and what you can actually bet on with the free bets.
Decide on whether it’s worth it or not to use the free bets.
Compare and contrast
Last but not least bet away with the help of our VIP BETTING TIPS.

Common Types of Free Bets

One of the most common types of free bets that you are most like to encounter is “NEW CUSTOMER OFFER”. The new customer free bet offer gives you the chance to taste on a particular bookmaker in order to determine if its viable to bet on or not and most cases if a punter finds the services of that particular bookmaker are good he or she will end being a regular member.

Another common free bet is the “Spend X Amount of Money & Receive Y Amount of Money in Free Bets”. This type of free bet allows you to limit the amount of money you are actually going to spend because in return there is a probability you are going to get higher returns depending on how much you stake.

One major advantage with free bets is that they are very safe as long as you read the fine prints. Many at times most punters end up blaming the bookmakers when things go wrong simply because they did not take time to read in between the lines to understand fully how to use the free bets.

One best example for free bets in this instance is: you are not always going to able to withdraw the winnings you make from the free bets straight away because you might be required to hit a certain target first in order to do so. As it’s the case with betting in general, the more respected the bookmaker, the higher chances you have things going smooth.

What to Look For When Choosing a Free Bet

To get the best out of free bets, first and fore most look for something that is unique but meaningful. For example, do not bet on leagues or teams that you are not familiar with. Make sure to place bets on teams that you can easily identify their performance trends and have a relatively higher chances of winning.